The first knowledge contest

publisher: MARY
Time: 2018-12-04
Summary: Huameilong's first knowledge contest was held and ended successfully today!
Huameilong's first knowledge contest!
At the beginning of the year 2018, we decided to have a knowedge contest in the company to improve everyone's professinal knowlege for better customer service. The contest questions including our material handling products details(e.g. specification, design, application, markets, etc.), manufacturing process, QC, service and foreign trading knowlege we usually use, ect.
Quick response question
Product guess
A little game
Second place
Third place
The first contest was held and ended sucessfully with the help of our on-line marketing gruop, they was the main part to plan and organize this contest. I believe each one in Humameilong learnt a lot from this activity.

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